About Debbie Crawford, Memphis artist

 Debbie is a Memphis, TN native who grew up in a very creative household.  Art came naturally to her and she many won awards in high school art.  She began painting in watercolor around the year 2000 and has been selling her work ever since.

Fred Rawlinson was very instrumental in helping Debbie form her free style and abstract vision.  Debbie learned watercolor techniques from Fred but she has also done a lot of painting on canvas with acrylic and a palette knife. The mid century abstract expressionist painters have had a big influence on Debbie's work as well. Jackson Pollock is Debbie's favorite artist among the group.

Debbie's heart for animals is evident as subject matter in a lot of her work. Another inspiration for Debbie are the many talented musical personalities that have called Memphis home. No matter the subject matter, color and design are what drives her vision. Bold colors and dramatic outlines are key elements is her work.

Debbie has been commissioned to work for Baptist Hospital,  The Memphis Chapter of the Dream Factory, The Humane Society of Memphis, The House of Mews and has a large piece that is part of the permanent collection at the Children's Museum of Memphis.  Look for her work at Longriver Gallery, Midtown Framer and Art, Allie Cat Arts and Fabulous Fabrics.